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This is an "Instant Project" born out of a reaction from one like You to violence.
It 'an idea genereted by love for the land and the people who have hosted me.
To inspire me is the need to create a movement that puts K.o. boredom of a story that repeats itself.
Create a common front supranational, non-partisan and apolitical, which spreads without labels refreshing "juice of life."
If you believe in the suggestion of our message and give us strength to join the same.

Our creativity is at the service of the story and it does not cost anything.
Help us give a result that moves to the beat of rock





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Share it, download it, print it on a flag, on a shirt, on a hat, use over your photo in everywhere! It's absolutle free.


Make it a flag against the missing chages.


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Questo è un instant project nato dalla reazione di uno come Te alla violenza. E' un'idea nata dall'amore per le terre e le persone che mi hanno ospitato. Ad ispirarmi è la necessità di creare un movimento che metta Ko la noia di una storia che si ripete.
Creare un fronte comune sovranazionale, apartitico e apolitico, che diffonda senza etichette dissetanti "succhi di vita". Se credi nella suggestione del nostro messaggio dacci forza e aderisci allo stesso.
La nostra creatività è al servizio della storia e non costa nulla. Aiutaci a regalare un frutto che si muova a ritmo di rock.


Distribuisci il design stampandolo su T-shirt, bandiere e su ogni tipo di supporto.







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You can resize the design only mantaining the right proportions, no orizotal or vertical deformation. You can't change the colours. You can't delete any parts of the design and you can't write on it (or add on clip art or other design). You can't use the design in Black&White. You can put the work over any image (not pornography or violent material are allowed). You can print it on any kind of support.



If you need specific images formats or licences, please contact us at: or +39 366.10.20.474.


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we're speacking English and Italian.


What we ask in back (when is possible)? Photos of the design in use. will really appreciate that. Thanks.



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